CAML is a mass customizable furniture concept. The CAML tool allows customers to modify predesigned furniture to fit their individual needs.
The customer can define the colour, width, height and individual parts such as gliders of the furniture. The customization tool inspires the user to try different styles and version of the furniture. Instead of the changes happening just by clicking different options, the process is designed to draw in the customer by making them actually paint the colour and add the different parts on the furniture. After the order is placed the stool is manufactured with CAM tube bending and CNC milling methods. The process is automated as much as possible, in order to keep manufacturing costs low. Tube bending was chosen as the main manufacturing method as it cheap, fast and relatively easy. The frame of the furniture is designed so that it is easy produce in different heights and widths.
Concept + Identity + Furniture Design + UI/UX + 3D modelling + Animation + Rendering + Prototyping

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